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Heini Mika is a Finnish artist living and working in New York City. Heini practically began making art when she was born and she sold her first ceramic sculpture at her neighborhood’s art fair at 6 years old. Since then Heini has acquired two fine art degrees from Finland and the United Kingdom and her paintings have been exhibited on four continents, most notably in NYC, the United Kingdom, the UAE, and Indonesia. Heini’s contemporary paintings serve the viewer with a palette of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes while she gives you her unique perspective on women, fairytales, and history. They have been an important source of inspiration for Heini throughout her career as an artist and this can be observed in her rich and intriguing original artworks.

Heini is the Co-Founder and chief curator of HMVC Gallery New York, an online art gallery that provides artists a space to exhibit and sell their work. With her own gallery, Heini aims to create a community where artists from all walks of life are welcomed and where they can receive public acknowledgment and encouragement on their artistic journey.


In Heini’s main series the “Feminine Perspective” Heini explores the complex nature of her female heroines.

“Since forever have women been the subject of great art, but rarely were we allowed to create great art. As I am a female artist in the 21st Century, I look to my female idols for guidance and inspiration even though the current society we live in is trying to convince me that the women I admire, do not matter because they are/were beautiful and successful. My goal as a female artist is to explore this dichotomy between my female heroines’ pop culture images and their true stories. Why do we love to turn women into legends just to tear them down either publicly or privately.

From Marie Antoinette to Miley Cyrus, the women I paint have inspired me either stylistically or spiritually, and while I wish to highlight the candy-colored image pop culture has given them, I am aware of the darkness that lurks behind the fun.

As a Finn, I grew up on satire, dark humor, and happy endings and that is well reflected in my work. At first glance, my cartoonish mixed media paintings may depict my subject’s pop culture image perfectly, which is usually colorful, ditzy, and lacking in substance, but I am actually satirizing our perceptions of my female heroines. We are all guilty of prioritizing a person’s image over the narrative.
I choose to work with acrylics and glitters because their vibrant hues and textures are well suited for creating eye-catching artworks that are unique to me, and perfect for the subject matter.  Just like the women I paint, I am an unconventional woman in the eyes of my society and with my art practice I want to invite viewers to look past the glittering images and see the depth and complexity of the women I paint, myself included. “

Next, Heini’s watercolor series “Fantasy Collection” was inspired by history, fairytales, and her travels around the world.

Her second watercolor art collection, “Narratives in Colour” was heavily influenced by her air hostess career in the Middle East, where she was exposed to more artistic inspiration than she ever could have hoped for. Narratives in Colour consists of several colorful original artworks depicting people in historical and modern contexts.

Heini’s portrait collection, “Then and Now Portraits” consists of acrylic canvas art and limited editions. As one of the many talented history-inspired women artists, Heini played with a thought imagining how the historical characters would like to be portrayed in our modern era.

Join celebrate these fine people by viewing Heini Mika’s original art collections and wall art for sale here.

Fine art for Fine people.

2007 – 2008
Tuusula, Finland

Fine Art and Visual communication degree

2008 – 2011
Worcester, United Kingdom

University of Worcester
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Art Practice

Worcester, United Kingdom
New York Artist Heini Mika displaying her original art in United Kingdom

"Shift” show at Movement gallery

Helsinki, Finland
New York Artist Heini Mika displaying original art in art gallery Helsinki Finland

“City Summer” show at Akvart Galleria

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Heini Mika, New York Artist and her watercolor art and original artwork in Abu Dhabi

“The Beauty of Women” show at Art Hub gallery

Helsinki, Finland

”Kesänkirjo” show at Akvart Galleria

Bali, Indonesia

International Watercolor Society Indonesia, 3rd competition and exhibition

London, United Kingdom
New York Artist Heini Mika Art Exhibition 2021

The Holy Art, ”Cosmosis” virtual exhibition

Brooklyn, United States

Fable Jones Studios, ”Shine” show

Madrid, Spain
Heini Mika's new original artworks Barcelona art exhibition

Capital Culture House, ”Serendipia” virtual exhibition

Milan, Italy
New York Artist Heini Mika Art Exhibition 2021 Milan

M.A.D.S Art Gallery, ”DE.MO” show

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All She Makes magazine Issue 3

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"The Snow Ball Effect" show at the Firefly Artists Gallery

New York City, USA
New_York_Artist_Heini_Mika_Art_Exhibition_2022_New_York_Van_Der Plas_Gallery
New York City, USA

"The Rays of Light* show at Van Der Plas gallery

New York City, USA
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Prince Street Gallery 14th Annual Juried Show

United States
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5th Annual Women Artists Juried Art Exhibition

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